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Liz Osborn

Liz Osborn

What makes Liz great at her job...

  • Liz has been in the industry since 2020. She has experience working with small businesses and S Corporations with their tax planning and bookkeeping. In addition, she has tax experience helping several different types of entities.
  • She works with clients to give them the peace of mind that their financial records are accurately reported and to save them money by finding the best tax saving strategies.
  • Liz attended University of Phoenix, getting her bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2019, followed by her master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting in 2021. She is committed to learning and staying on top of the latest industry information so that she can best serve her clients.
  • Liz is currently working on preparing for the CPA exam so that she can become a licensed CPA. With this next step in her career, she is looking forward to growing her skills and experience within the profession.

Some of Liz's other passions include:

  • Reading, in particular Liz enjoys horror, thriller, and crime genres. Some of her favorite authors include Stephen King, Donna Tartt, and Stieg Larsson.
  • Enjoys spending quality time with her partner and their cat Ghost.
  • Loves cooking and trying new recipes. Some recent favorites include birria tacos, New York style cheesecake, and chicken adobo.
  • Writing has been a passion for Liz since she was a small child. She likes writing short stories, poems, and personal essays.